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Verady is an Atlanta based technology company that bridges the gap between the promise of Blockchain technology and the realities of the business world. We believe that companies can't derive value from another Blockchain-based API, development tool set, or SDK. We abstract away the complexity incurred by using these tools, exposing their benefits as simple targeted solutions that speak to relevant use cases for our clients.

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Verady Team

Kell Canty


Nathan Eppinger


Peter Hoeve


Chris Rodgers

VP Business Dev


Bryan Krohn

CFO Bitpay

Jeff Spence

CEO NexDefense

Russell Smith

President RTS Associates

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Insurable Data Service

Easily record tamper-proof, independently verifiable records of your business' most sensitive and critical data, especially IoT generated - all without ever exposing that data outside of your own firewall. Our Insurable Data Service brings you both security and simplicity - but compromises neither while giving your critical data provenance for use in legal, insurance, and warranty cases.

Economic Data Identity

We bring an unparallelled ability to link critical Data from IoT devices to a biometrically verified 'responsible party' or 'beneficial owner.' This gives organizations the ability to ensure chain of custody and control over data with economic or legal implications.

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