VeraNet is the decentralized network of financial reporting and accounting tools powering some of Verady's most ambitious projects. Targeting to be a global standard for blockchain asset financial value representation, the VeraNet platform is the natural extension of the tried and tested audit work the Verady team has been performing for over four years with industry leaders.

VeraNet is undergoing continuous development with a roadmap focusing on the following features:

Native Multichain Support

Wide-ranging support across blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and all bitcoin-based forks.

Assured Data

VeraNet enables large-scale access to assured data, streamlining the integration of traditional audit and accounting methods with blockchain assets.


Blockchain data doesn't get smaller. VeraNet's development has high standards for scalability to meet enterprise grade and regulatory compliance demands.


Chain module architecture allowing for rapid integration of new tokens, chains and other assets as they emerge.