VeraNet is a decentralized network of financial reporting and accounting tools, targeted exclusively to the unique needs of the cryptocurrency community. The VeraNet platform is the natural extension of the tried and tested audit work the Verady team has been performing for over four years with industry leaders.

The Verady team has ambitious plans for building out the VeraNet platform in the coming months. Read below for a snapshot of our current roadmap.

Q4 2017:

- Initial deployment of VeraNet on Ethereum

- VeraNet integrations expanded to include accounting plug-ins with select partners

- Announcement of initial token offering of VERA, scheduled for early 2018

Q1 2018:

Verady expands the network of trusted accounting firms on VeraNet

- VeraNet updated to incorporate ETH auditing & continuous audit services.

- VeraNet adds formal support for ERC20 standard tokens issued on the Ethereum Network

- Verady forms working group comprised of stakeholders from the industry, regulatory agencies, and established accounting firms to pioneer Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for Cryptocurrency and other blockchain assets

Q2 2018:

- VeraNet platform is updated with initial version of tax liability calculation

- Verady leads working group in defining the form and function of base reporting formats for ERC20 tokens

- Initial implementations of these reporting formats, and supporting infrastructure, are deployed against the Ethereum mainnet network

Q3 2018:

- Enhanced version of tax liability calculation deployed on VeraNet

- Verady leads development of APIs, SDKs, and other tooling intended to make integration with VeraNet more accessible to other companies and independent developers